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As the weather gets warmer I constantly get paranoid about how I’m gonna keep my binder on and now overheat and melt into a puddle

I’ve been having this problem for four years and I still can’t find a solution, i can’t leave the house without a binder on, heck sometimes I can’t leave my bedroom without one on, I start have a panic attack after a few minutes. 

but my chest is fucking big and i overheat and get gross and smell terrible when it gets warmer and the binder ends up hurting so much. I’ve brought looser ones, but it doesn’t help

anyone got any advice ?

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Just got back from Kaida’s u v u 

I miss her already but !!!!!! it was such an awesome like, week and a half !!! Staying with her and her family is fun u v u and aaaaaa she is wonderful and the best eeee

We went to 4/13 together and went to Taco Bell with some super cool friends and we went walking through a small foresty bit and I went walking with her and her horse and aaaaa it was hella nice u v u It was the best way !!! to spend part of the Easter holidays !!! I feel ready to face my college work !! and making my armor !!

I have discovered that me + surprise rail replacement bus services only lead to shaking anxiety attacks, headaches, and falling asleep for the rest of the the journey, god damn you Southern Railway. On the bright side that’s the first anxiety attack I’ve had in like two weeks !!!!! so !!!!! getting better !!!!!

I have so many mail packages to open and college work to do !!!! oh !!!!

ppl posting un-sourced artwork in tags more like yoU STUPID NIPPLE

FR Registration

Flight Rising Registration is open !!!

I hope everyone who wants an account manages to get one !!! 

The registration closes in a few hours !!!!

Followers if you want, add me as your referral if you want :33 my account name is Takoto (ID is 9988). And feel free to add me to your friends list !!