Negative and positive 

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i should do work

but i feel so tired 

maybe a nap

Fining Instant Noodles which don’t make me feel sick/give me headaches is tough, but I’ve found a new brand!

Though, none of our forks are clean, so I’m trying to eat them with a spoon…. orz…

I got “fairy core” on that aesthetic generator thing. I don’t think that actually exists yet. I’m gonna make it exist. 

Just as I thought, my Mum shouted at me this morning.

I’m glad I’m going out today even though it’s gonna be stupidly hot. 


I have to write a cover letter tonight and give it to my Mum first thing tomorrow morning

but I’m so tired I feel like I’m gonna pass out

but my Mum will be mad at me if I don’t write it tonight (I have to leave first thing in the morning tomorrow on a train to London)

aaaaaaaa hudshiusfhuidshfiuhfdiusfhiuh 

I don’t think I’ve been doing very well the past few days. I’m am very tired, and very unmotivated, and very sad.

I’m gonna make a lot of tea and calm down, and maybe sleep early. I feel bad, impatient, and sick.

The heat is making everything extremely worse. It’s making my family very stressed, our house is constantly hotter than outside, and we can’t open windows, or afford more fans, unless we find some in a charity shop.

This summer has been very tough, and I expect it will continue that way.

But I’ll be okay.


Hey all!

If I made a kickstarter to help me afford a new graphics tablet, would anyone donate?

Perks would be stuff like sketch commissions, solo-chara coloured commissions, etc. 

My current tablet, a Wacom Bamboo, is about 6 - 7 years old now, and it’s going. I have a back up, but… my dream tablet is an Intuos 4, I’ve been looking to get one for years, but they’re too expensive for my family to help me afford, even for birthdays or christmas, even with me paying half. 

I’m moving away for Uni soon, where I’m doing an Illustration degree, I think a newer/better tablet might help me greatly, so it’s something I’ve been considering.

So yeah! My art can be viewed here, incase anyone wondering how I draw. 

Going to the hospital in a bit for some stuff to do with my gender and hopefully from here I might get referred„„„„ maybe

I still need a blood test in the near future

i’m extremely nervous

it’s going to be a very long time before i get hormones, i think