Augh I have such a shitty toothache, I’ve run out of ibuprofin so I’ll have to make a run for some tomorrow when I go out… orz… 

I feel really bad cause my girlfriends asleep and I wanna snuggle her but I just know I’m not gonna sleep much tonight (toothaches are one of the few pains I can’t sleep through) and I feel super restless augh

gonna do a speedcolour to chill before I attempt to sleep

I was gonna go make dinner but orz… a program I wanna watch came on… the struggle, and they’re also playing music from the FLCL OST and Cowboy Bebop OST in the background…

Can’t tell if I’m hearing thunder, or someone poorly dragging their wheely bins around. 

tfw I really don’t want to people today, and my Mum keeps on phoning and texting me over and over and over again.

I love my Mum, but I’ve told her I just want to relax this morning before I go to more stuff at the Uni. I don’t mean anything nasty by it, I’m just tired, and I don’t want to talk to people today augh

i have to be up early again

one more breadstick and then i’ll go lie in bed and hopefully sleep tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bloggin on my phone like
I gotta go in five minutes but I’m hella sleepy

Uni induction week starts today! Cause I’m going straight into second year instead of starting in first year…

I’m a bit nervous, I overslept a little. I’m paranoid I’ll forget my headphones again orz…

Truth be told, I’m not doing very well today. I feel so restless, everything feels so strange. I’m. Vaguely terrified. There’s so much to do. I don’t want to do anything.

I’m so scared

eats 7 shortbreads

in 24 hours i will have moved out

It’s very annoying that Tumblr no longer allowed people to turn off descriptive URL on their URLS. I want to remove them on my artblog but it won’t let me, I’ve looked in Advanced Settings and General Settings and it looks like they’ve completely remove the option to turn descriptive / long urls on and off |:

In like… 35 hours… I will have moved out of my house… terrified thought… fearful… assist mem…

I’m gonna be„, a University student„, an actual fully Uni student„, I’m so proud of myself

I feel really shitty today, but I’m playing through Bravely Default and it’s super fun and taking my mind off it. 

I’ll do work later on tonight, I gotta start packing when my Mum get’s back, but until then, hella cute JRPG to cheer up. I really like the characters, and the battle system is really interesting, a good kind of interesting, I like what they’ve gone for.

I love the art style and the music mgmgmgmgmmgmgmgmgm so far super good

I don’t care if people know I’m trans, as long as they see me as a dude/male/he/etc I have no problem with what they know. 

trying not to appear terrified when really your scared as shit and don’t want to exist and you don’t want to cause concern to anyone around you or harass anyone and you’re just fucking terrified and stressed and sick and constantly panicking and restless and not sure what to do like

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