I was talking to a friend about Homestuck stuff and we got onto the subject of troll anatomy and we were talking about uh things. and 

stuff about dicks, fins and blowjobs below (also erikar shipping)

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jfc way to put a downer on my day

I really wanted to cosplay Nepeta for the October MCM Expo.

I really did.

But I don’t even have enough money to catch the bus right now Y _Y There’s no way I could afford the outfit in time, as I’d have to get the custom hat / horns. And find the right jacket, get the make up, hat, and then save up spending money and transport money… 

It’s pretty drastic, but I really want to be away from my house right now.

I thought my boyfriends Mum was bad enough, but my own Mum won’t stop arguing and shouting at me for no reason. All I did was come home an hour early, she won’t stop shouting everytime she comes into my bedroom and I really don’t know why.

I can’t get hold of my boyfriend at all. My best friend is in France and I don’t really have and close friends who live near me. I have… close friends but most of them ether live up the country or I don’t know where they live/not close enough to chill at theres.

I also have no money, at all, not even for bus fair, so there’s pretty much no where else I can go other than just

sitting in my room

getting shouted at

all fucking night

wonderful. I just want to work on art. Please.