So I guess Makoto is confirmed for being bisexual (or lesbian?) because of BlazBlue: Heart Remix…

I loved Makoto’s character anyway but now I just want to make her my favourite character and draw her more nnnnnn because RELATE-ABILITY 

Can I just 


marry Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

She’s only a year/two years older than me so it’d totally work but i think she’s straight

I think I’ll just stick to drawing fanart of her.

First day of Psychology A2 makes me realize I REALLY WANT TO DO A THIRD YEAR BECAUSE PSYCHOLOGY IS FUN.

We’re learning about Aggression, then we learn about Biological Rhythms (sleep, menstrual cycle, seasonal depression), Gender (concept of gender, concept of sex, dysphoria), Depression, Anomalistic Psychology (outer body experiences, paranormal, super natural, who believes in such), and finally research methods.

Research methods is BLUH, and Aggression is okay, but oh my god I want to do Biological Rhythms, Depression and Anomalisitc so badly, and Gender… I just… I have to do gender. 

I might honestly e-mail  my teacher and ask if she can recommend any books on gender, and casually mention the whole gender dysphoria thing (I’m not sure if my old councilor alerted her to, or if she just told her I had depression anxiety and paranoia)


dumb college

okay so BHASVIC, my college, are in a complete mess with their second-years-going-onto-third-years. We were sent nothing, no letters, e-mails, phone calls, or texts, about what we were meant to do today. Those who went in was because they were phoned by their teachers.

SO At first they blamed me for not coming in, patronized me a little and then, oops, they realized it was there fault, they said sorry and hung up. They got VERY awkward when I turned up an hour later at reception asking what on earth was going on and where was I meant to be.

Gave in my Psychology AS textbook, and will be starting my Psychology A2 tomorrow. Not sure about the status of AS Photography but oh well. 

I have no idea how many weeks this thing goes on for, I did it once, last year, for Art and Politics but ngngnng I can’t remember. I’ll have to look online.

/ramble over

Just read about the new Lust Arcana social link in Persona 4: The Golden.

and i slowly cry as i realize i don’t have a psp vita and probably never will.

P4 Spoilers under cut

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holy shit


i’m not sure whether to laugh, daww or cry??

drawing Kaine from Nier

and maybe Emil later

i need to get through a third play through of that game so bad ngfndggnfioj

also I like Emil more than Kaine but Kaine is more fun to draw…

i can’t get it out of my head

that i’ll never amount to anything, that i’ll never do anything sigficant

that my art will never be something

I think I’ve just had a bad day U _U

dumb vent incoming

The awkward moment when you go into college sick, only to find out the first and only proper lesson of the day was cancelled anyway.

So today I have done, and will have to:

Go to college for first lesson > Go home > Back to college (meeting with head of year-ish teacher) > Go home > Back to college (for Japan club) > Go home

I could skip Japan club but I really like it, even though I’m kinda quiet I JUST LIKE WATCHING THINGS WITH PEOPLE sobbu and pretty soon it’ll be over because this year finishes soon… so I wanna make the most outta it… I wish I could skip my meeting but bleh I wouldn’t be able to reschedule it…

and then after than I plan to flop on my bed and do nothing all night. Tendonitis is back so cannot draw much right now U _U Much to my annoyance as I just managed to take on a commission… And I’m in the literal middle of my art exam… and I feel really ill… have done for the past few days… ffff

Bleh, today is a kinda bad day. 

I want more collabs

collabs and art trades and things uwa

HS update!

Aranea is a pretty name.
I think I’m going to like her a lot, I think she’s just pretty in general. I want to draw her tomorrow if I get the chance, but I probably won’t! 

Okay seriously going to bed now.

30 Day BlazBlue Challenge - 5/6/7/8 (I skipped like three days fffuuu)

BLEH THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DO THINGS WITH MY LIFE i forget about things like this.

5: Who is your favorite Non-Playable Character? If your favorite is an NPC, who is your favorite Playable Character?

I can’t pick between Kokonoe and Jubei ;; I love them both so much and not just because they’re not cats. Jubei is a complete badass and I think his dub voice is awesome. Kokonoe is hilarious and has a cool design and I hope she becomes playable one day. 

6. Do you have any headcanons about a character or plot point?

I HAVE SO MANY most of which are dumb so errr. Most of my serious headcanon’s are kind of confusing. 

Though I believe Rachel’s Dad (Clavis/whatever his dub name is now) death was partially Terumi’s thought (though then again, if someone dies in BB or something bad happens it can usually be traced back to him soo = 3=)

I don’t know if I believe it or not, but I also thought up a silly theory about… how Luna, Sena and Trinity got stuck in Platinum’s body- is actually through reincarnation and carrying the Nox she/they carry.

I have a ton more but dsijfidsf

7. What is your favorite ship, if any?

Tie between Hazama/Jin and Terumi/Kazuma. ]: I can never choose between them, even though… well Teru/Kazu makes a whole ton more sense.

Oh I also like Makoto/Noel and Hazama/Noel but those aren’t my favourites on my overall list. I don’t really have an actual physical list of parings but I should make one.

8. BlazBlue is a fountain of memes and we all know it. Do you have a favorite? What is it?

I don’t think I do. I mean some of the memes are kinda funny but none I like enough to call a favourite = 3=

I’m sorry I just can’t

Jake and Dirk man.

Jake and Dirk.


Hussie will screw over the fangirls somehow. You just know it. And they will cry.
And I probably will to.

Incoming OTP in 5, 4, 3, 2…

> Calmasis has no assigned gender, assumable gender neutral.
> Trolls have no concept of gender in their society, and have hardly any physical differences (or, so Hussie says).
> Calmasis has grey skin, but white hair and no horns.

Calmasis = half-human/half-troll??

No, I’m just going insane. Dumb fan theories.

i should really revise for psychology but NEPETA YOU’RE TOO FUN TO DRAW ]: why does nepeta have to be like a fictional clone of me only cooler