Hazama custom pony is going slowly but well… ish. I need to spread the paint better… I’m so bad at painting. 

Now all I need is like… my student loan to come in so I can buy the re-hairing tools and the hair, and some black fabric to make him a little tie <:

Okay so I decided that making a MLP of Hazama is the best thing to do with my life right now.

I’m going to need a base (probably Applejack), ether a mini-green wig or some way to re-hair it. I’ll also need vinyl stickers for the cutie mark according to my friend, and I won’t for the eyes as I can just paint on his closed eyes.

Luckily a shop where I live is having a massive sale on MLP stock so I can very easily get the needed bases. Paint might be an issue and who knows about the sticker but HEY 

HAZAMA AS A PONY EVERYBODY time to draw up a colour design