Toothache has spread to jaw, and ear. 

what an experience 

illness, tmi

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First day of Uni!!!!

Trying to stay positive! Gonna make some tea, do some art, then head off!!

sexuality talk, nsfw mention, personal

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11 pages down, like 17 to go. I can do this. I can. 

but for now. sleep.

Living in Southampton after living in Sussex my whole life is so strange. It’s such a different place. I like it, though truth be told I am very nervous about going out much and stuff, but that’s pretty normal. 


My hamster passed away last night, I’ve got freshers flu, a recurring toothache, and really bad dysphoria since yesterday.

orz can I just… not go in… today… I’m gonna force myself to but ugh I just want to sleep…

Maybe if I get a haircut beforehand I’ll feel a bit better

[sneezes 77 times]

creppy buttole

Augh I have such a shitty toothache, I’ve run out of ibuprofin so I’ll have to make a run for some tomorrow when I go out… orz… 

I feel really bad cause my girlfriends asleep and I wanna snuggle her but I just know I’m not gonna sleep much tonight (toothaches are one of the few pains I can’t sleep through) and I feel super restless augh

gonna do a speedcolour to chill before I attempt to sleep

I was gonna go make dinner but orz… a program I wanna watch came on… the struggle, and they’re also playing music from the FLCL OST and Cowboy Bebop OST in the background…

Can’t tell if I’m hearing thunder, or someone poorly dragging their wheely bins around. 

tfw I really don’t want to people today, and my Mum keeps on phoning and texting me over and over and over again.

I love my Mum, but I’ve told her I just want to relax this morning before I go to more stuff at the Uni. I don’t mean anything nasty by it, I’m just tired, and I don’t want to talk to people today augh

i have to be up early again

one more breadstick and then i’ll go lie in bed and hopefully sleep tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bloggin on my phone like
I gotta go in five minutes but I’m hella sleepy

Uni induction week starts today! Cause I’m going straight into second year instead of starting in first year…

I’m a bit nervous, I overslept a little. I’m paranoid I’ll forget my headphones again orz…