Going to the hospital in a bit for some stuff to do with my gender and hopefully from here I might get referred„„„„ maybe

I still need a blood test in the near future

i’m extremely nervous

it’s going to be a very long time before i get hormones, i think

People on Facebooks are making jokes like “looks like World War 3’s gonna happen!” and making jokes about it and it’s making me really, really uncomfortable and I just

can we not joke about tghis

i’m fucking terrified 

tmi, dysphoria

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there’s a really big storm and all i can hear is the thunder and i think high winds outside

hope it rains too

no lightning so far, i think i’m gonna go curl up and play pokémon, i’ve fucked up my shoulder again somehow so rest is probably good

has a rush of anxiety

curls up in girlfriends dressing gown whilst she’s at work

i have a headache but maybe if i nap a little it’ll go awa y„,


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Shit, there’s been 6.8 Earthquake in Japan and there’s been a Tsunami warning for Fukushima and the surrounding coastal area, according to NHK World News 

what if i wrote short stories about my ocs and did accompanying illustrations„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„, maybhe i could make enough for a book and try to get it published


Uuugh can my Mum not shout and stress me out when I’ve gotta leave, gdi, I have a three hour journey ahead of me and my anxieties really shitty again today 

plea s e jus t st op 

i’ll probably be AFK a lot the next week 

going to gillfronds