When I get ORAS, I’m gonna trade over a level 1 Eevee bc I need Umbreon in my team. u feel me. 

Sighs. The transphobic shit that dude said to me is still weighing on my mind. It shouldn’t bother me. It shouldn’t at all. But it hurts, really bad. 

I’m usually in really safe environments and in safe communities so I don’t usually face that sort of thing, I just kind of feel sick and anxious and I want to hug Kaida and cry for like eight hours because I know over, way over half the world, doesn’t see me as a man/male, and some never will. 

Please, please for the love of god, can I fluke out, can I massively fluke out and get hormones within the next few months…? Charring Cross waiting list is 6 months though, five more months to go, before I even get a response and allotted appointment time, if that. 

I guess I see why so many trans people go private or self medicate.

It’s hard. It’s really hard. I just want to be a boy. I’m impatient and it hurts so much. I’m trying so hard, every day, to present masculine, but I barely pass 15% of the time, even on the best of days. 

I’m just wearing out, I’m tired. I’m not even 20 yet and I’m tired of this. 


i love boobs so much

i love ladies backs so much

i want to draw 100000 boops from the side

A forum forbid me from posting whilst I had a link to my art tumblr as my homepage

????????????????? there’s no nsfw on it 

i literally dont understand what the issue is

if you dont want people to link to their home page remove the option to????????????????

So I confronted the transphobic dude from last night and he dragged me into a group with some of his friends so they could defend him and… well turns out they didn’t defend him and they acknowledged he was being a dick. 

And he refused to apologies, and tried to hide behind “I’m a dick to everybody!”

Like dude, there’s a difference between being a dick, and being a transphobe (and apparently he’s a homophobe too?) he tried to hide behind the excuse of “well I have some trans friends!!” yeah doesn’t mean you can’t be a douche to other trans people because of their gender, like you did to me. 

Confronted him over Facebook so I have proof of him being a douche if I ever need it. 

Told him if he ever did it again I’d report him to the police for hate crime and hate speech.

I’m still extremely bothered by that transphobic asshole from earlier. It’s one of the rare times I’ve had a person straight up be transphobic to me about it.

Someone was like “He’s not good with gender and sexuality stuff” I literally don’t care, I know other people who’ve been hurt by this asshole, kick him out the community and don’t look back. If he’s going to shit on transgender and non binary people, he doesn’t deserve to be in the community. 

I heard he turns up to Southampton cosplay meets.

If he does and calls me a girl / says I’m not a boy / etc then you know, I’ll just report him to the police for discrimination lmfao. Or, my fist will be turning up to his face. I don’t give a shit. Talk shit about me being trans? Get hit for being a transphobic shit-eater. 

I’m also not afraid to name and shame ether, if anyone asks me who it was I’ll straight up say. 

What do I want for my birthday? A bad dragon gift card and 98 bottles of lemonade.

I literally can’t stop shaking

someone in a skype call is  a transphobic shit eater and called me out on not being a male

i’m crying and i want to die and i cant breathe and i cant stop shaking

and apparently this fucker attends cosplay meets at southampton?

fuck you you piece of shit you’re transphobic ass is lower than a worm

I need new shoes, new jacket, but I’ve still gotta buy some cooking utensils for house


If my college wasn’t such a shit I could have gotten a Student Overdraft by now, and I could have gone to Hyper Japan and cheered myself up. 



redye the front of my hair purple 

because why the heck not 

shit hair bleach is expensive