Ever since one of my favourite artists ever liked one of my arts on here, I’ve had a big, massive self esteem boost. Like, they didn’t even reblog it, they just liked it, but I was so happy by it, I can’t stop thinking about what I can draw next, what I can draw that’ll look interesting or new. Even if no ones taking notice of my art on ether of my art-blogs right now, I just… don’t care… That’s probably both good and bad. But eh. 

Tomorrow is the MCM Expo and I’ll be busy all weekend, but I’m going to find time to draw. Ether when resting my legs or before bed in the hotel, I have to draw. If one of my favourite artists likes one of my pictures, then I’m sure I can become good enough so that other people like my art.

Because really, that’s my goal, when it comes to art. Draw things that’ll make other people happy, or at least interest them. Well, that’s mostly my goal. I also want to draw comics, and illustrate books, and such. I’d love to make a comic with my characters, when I develop them more…

This was pointless, this post. I should go to bed now, I have to be up in seven and a half hours to catch the train to the expoooooooooo.

good night tumblr, thanks for bein there to listen to my dumb thoughts.