Fulking Escarpment by Alan-Mackenzie on Flickr.


South Downs National Park2013


South Downs National Park


Branch Line by Finn Hopson on Flickr.

Brighton Japan 2012

HEY IS ANYONE GOING TO BRIGHTON JAPAN 2012? And is anyone cosplaying?

I’ll be going in Silver (Pokémon) cosplay. It’s still a rough cosplay, need to work on the wig, fix up the plushie aaaand get some new shoes, but yeah!

It’s on the 23ed and 24th of June, and the 30th of June and 1st of July. At Bartholomew Square! 


If there are any Homestucks in Brighton (which I think there are) on Tumblr, who live in Brighton/Hove/Worthing/Newhaven/Sussex in the UK, please contact me \ o/ 

It’d be awesome to talk to someone local who likes Homestuck, and I KNOW they exist cause I’ve seen people in Brighton town centre with Homestuck hoodies on but never been able to talk to them. ]: