Health Issue? Help :c ?

Hey people. It’d be really helpful if someone ANYONE could give me some advice?

My family are very poor. Nether my Mum nor Step-Dad have jobs. They’ve been looking since they were both fired (my Mum during the recession, my Step-Dad recently). 

We live in Council Housing. My brother and I have to share a bedroom (I’m 17, 18 in two months, he’s 13). It’s a VERY small bedroom. There’s only two bedrooms in the house, mine and my Brothers, and my Mum + Step-Dads.

My bedroom is very small. I cannot fit another chest-of-drawers in my bedroom, let alone a desk. I love to draw. Drawing is my life. I want to become good enough to become an Illustrator. 

When I draw, I have to sit on my bed, both when drawing with pencil and paper, and when using my tablet. But, this has given me really bad back pain. I’m on pain medication, but it’s not working any-more, and after an hour or so of drawing, I become in so much pain I have to lie down.

I honestly want to cry it’s so painful sometimes, my doctor won’t do anything, and I NEED to keep drawing and practising. I’m 17 and I’m worse than a lot of 14 year olds in the internet art community and I NEED. NEED TO GET BETTER. But I just can’t whilst I’m in pain. 

I can’t move out. The council won’t give us a better house. I’ve removed ALL clutter from my bedroom and there is NO room for a desk still. I really don’t know what to do. 

If anyone has advice, ANYTHING, I’m desperate to hear it.