I need information on breast reduction surgery in the United Kingdom.

Stuff like, on the NHS how to go about getting it, how long can it take to get to the surgery day (like how long is the waiting list?), is there any excess risk of cancer after having it, stuff like that.

This isn’t for cosmetic reasons, this is for gender reasons. I want them gone, forever, I don’t want to have to wear a binder every day to feel comfortable going out then spending the rest of the night with a severe headache and puking up… I want to feel comfortable in my own body. 

I wish I could help the people around me understand my dysphoria more. My Mum is really nice about it but I don’t think she understands how serious it can be. My boyfriend understands dysphoria, but doesn’t understand that I am dysphoric (he cannot imagine me as male and does not want to and I know if I push my dysphoria or take action to become more masculine it will destroy our relationship so I generally just don’t ever talk about it in front of him.) 

I still identify as genderfluid but when I feel more male it’s just so painful because I am not in the right body. 


I wish I could express this through art or something but I don’t even know my brain is so muddled. 

gonna go drink tea and eat chocolate now ojdfgifdigojoi

Ah. No.

If I confine into you, tell you I’m gender dysphoric, and that I don’t want to be told I’m “too feminine to be male”.

You don’t


follow it up again with

"But your legs are TOO feminine to be male" 

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I’m so bored of having no one to talk to/get advice from about my gender issues. Talking to other people helps me to figure more out about myself, but… I want to talk to someone who’s in a similar position to me. I love my friends, who put up with me, all the time, and all of my venting, but I feel I need to talk to someone who understands… 

The youth group I went to where I live was full of nice people… but… it didn’t help too much. It was too chaotic. There wasn’t really anywhere to sit down and just relx and have a quiet conversation. I met some awesome people, and I felt really comfortable and happy… but it didn’t help me find out what I really want in terms of gender… or my life.

At the same time, I’m incredibly scared of digging deeper into myself. For multiple reason, both personal and to do with social stuff… ugh…

wow um jeez

I just kind of want to cut of most of my hair and wear my binder forever right now.

All of a sudden I’m having a lot of gender related feels.

and i really want a dick. 

I wish it was possible to be reborn as a dude or just step into a machine or have an operation to make me 100% male cries

I’m having a WHAT THE FUCK GENDER AM I moment right now. Despite physically being a girl, actually thinking about buying women’s clothing feels foreign and strange to me- for the past… six or so years I’ve warn nothing but guys clothing (only wore skirts when I was forced to or to funerals). 

The idea of wearing woman’s clothing is kind of overwhelming. That’s… kind of odd… really. 

Besides only two of the tops I want are “women’s tops”, one of them is a man’s T-shirt. 

Maybe it’s time I went to bed. Or played FF6 in bed. 

my body is disgusting and so am i

why wasn’t i born male

I don’t

even know

what the fuck gender i want to be any-more. I’d say I don’t care, but that’s a lie. People tell me “it doesn’t matter”, but it matters to me. No, I don’t mind what gender my friends are, I don’t “pick friends” based on gender or, whatever, but my gender, god does that matter a whole lot to me. 

And I’m so confused.

Always has been, always will be.

I’ll never be what I want to be, but hey, no one achieves that. ‘sept Buddha. 

S-so uh

I’m… oh man. I’m going to a LGBT support group on Tuesday (probably) to meet people a-and talk to someone about my gender identity issues… because I’m becoming more and more and more uncomfortable being viewed as a woman. And looking womanly. And… stuff. I mean I keep having days where I’m like BEING A WOMAN IS GOOD then the next day I’ll be like FUCK WHY AREN’T I A BOY MY LIFE SUCKS.

I’m not sure if most of my friends on here know that so I hope uh people aren’t too shocked or worried by it or something idk

But yeah I’m nervous as fuck about meeting new people in general let alone talking about my issues… someone please hug me i can’t breath

uh, question

Does anyone know of any websites or places with information on bigender / gender fluid stuffs…?

I don’t think I’ll get any responses but it’s worth a shot idofdsfoif right?